To provide up-to-date resources to help ex-offenders succeed in the marketplace and to connect employers with the best workers in America.

About QualityHelp.com

Our goal in collaboration "Nu Outlook" (a 501c3 non-profit) is to provide the resources necessary to help the ex-offender succeed in life once they are released. The focus for this website is helping ex-offenders find good paying jobs with employers that will treat them with respect, pay what was promised and pay on time. To remove the stigma of hiring ex-offenders we have also provided resources for employers that make the case that ex-offenders are the ideal workers, while showing them that they have nothing to lose by hiring an ex-offender, and everything to gain.

About the Founder

Clayton McGary started his first home service business, "Clayton's Lawn Mowing," at 12 years old. At age 16 Clayton started hiring help and quickly learned that good help is hard to find. In fact, from talking to countless businesses over the years, Clayton has come to the conclusion that finding quality help is the number one most difficult part of running a business, but also the most essential. Clayton has been building responsive websites that are completely accessible to the blind since 2011 in partnership with Touched Be Blessed Services.