About us

QualityHelp.com is dedicated to connecting quality workers with the best local small businesses.      Learn More...

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“Any small business that provides a service to the home.”

  • Search for local, verified "Tradesmen" (workers).
  • View detailed profiles and referrals.
  • $10.00/month with no contract (limited time only).
  • Test the site before you pay.
Skilled Tradesmen
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“Anyone who wants to work for a small business.”

  • Free membership.
  • Full profile with bio, contact info and referrals.
  • View referrals of a small business before you work for them.
  • Agree on a price and job description before working.

How it works

1. Tradesmen post a profile.

2.  Service Providers search for a specific skill.

3.  Both members agree to work together.

4.  After the work is complete, each member leaves a referral for the other.

All References checked

QualityHelp.com checks references of each Tradesman before they are added to the database.

never lose contact info.

Once an agreement on payment and job details has been reached, contact information for both members is saved automatically in your "Contacts" page.

Only reputable businesses

As a Tradesman you get to see what other Tradesmen said about a business before you work for them.